An online meeting or training seminar to learn about a particular topic or idea from a certified Discovery Education trainer. Many webinars are recorded so that you can view them later if time of live session doesn't suit your schedule.

Schedule of DEN Webinars

Special Webinars in August:

Digital Storytelling Week

  • 8/3/09 -Thinking Outside the Slide: Creating non-linear PowerPoint presentations and learning centers with Discovery Education Media
  • 8/4/09 - Digital Storytelling Made Easy: Using Discovery Education Content with Animoto and PhotoStory
  • 8/5/09 - Director's Cut: Discovery Education Media and MovieMaker (PC)
  • 8/6/09 - Director's Cut: Discovery Education Media and iMovie (Mac)

Leadership Week

  • 8/10/09 - The Information Society is HERE: Are our schools up to the task? with Dr. Scott McLeod
  • 8/11/09 - Policies, Safety and Social Networking
  • 8/12/09 - Web 2.0 for Administrators and Others: Schools, Tools, and the 21st Century
  • 8/13/09 - Data Driven Decisions with Discovery Education Assessment

Science Week

  • 8/17/09 - Myth Busted: Easy Ways to Integrate Digital Media into Your Science Classroom
  • 8/18/09 - Getting Your Hands Dirty with Discovery Education Science
  • 8/19/09 - Differentiating Instruction with the Discovery Education Science Assessment Manager
  • 8/20/09 - More and Muir Tech Tips for Going Green

Web 2.0 Week

  • 8/24/09 - Get Your Glog On! The DE streaming Builders and Glogster
  • 8/25/09 - The Thread that Ties it All Together: Discovery Education Content and Voicethread
  • 8/26/09 - Two Roundtrip Tickets to Anywhere in the World: Designing Virtual Field Trips with Discovery Education Media and Google Earth
  • 8/27/09 - Learning Through the Funnies: Mixing Discovery Education Content with Free Comic Tools