Media Share

"Discovery Education MediaShare is a web-based content sharing system that enables educators to utilize the best resources through uploading, sharing, managing, and distributing user-created or licensed-digital content." (Discovery Educator Network )

Media Share Overview

Take Control of Your Digital Resources

  • Upload educator-created content and share across schools, districts, or even nationally
  • Manage digital content with the flexibility to set sharing permissions to allow schools to share regionally, nationally or locally within a building or district
  • Generate reports to understand usage patterns - uploads/downloads, content metadata, and more
  • Map content to state curriculum standards
  • Upload PDF’s movie files, images PowerPoint presentations, and more
  • Index and search digital content based on user-assigned meta-tags

Consistent Content in All Classrooms

  • Promote standardized course delivery within buildings or across regions
  • Ensure only appropriate content reaches the classroom
  • Leverage the best practices of all teachers

Access at School and at Home

  • Remote hosting allows teachers and students to access content from home
  • Allow teachers to focus on students instead of planning
  • Optimize "Time on Task"

(Information quoted from Discovery Educator Network - Media Share)

DEN Media Share
Media Share Usage Suggestions

  • Search for digital resources that were created by other DEN members.
  • DEN Resources - don't start with State Standards whens searching, rather start with grade level or subject area
  • Find resources that match your search criteria and then add it to "My Content" for easy access later whether or not you download those resources to your computer or other location for saving